The Story

Roundhouse Hooligans is the first comic book series published by Free Fall Comics. Story by L.A Keim alongside Brian Kerr as Co-Writer, with a talented art team featuring Pencils/Inks by Riccardo Faccini (Fractured Shards, Roundhouse Hooligans),  Colours by Kirsty Swan (Green Hornet, Blood Queen), and lettering by Darren Close (Killeroo, Struggle). 

Roundhouse Hooligans is an action/drama following a group of orphaned, misfit teens who have been cast out and forgotten by society. Together they are trying to find purpose in a world they feel so disconnected from. The story picks up when the city and one of their own comes under threat from a long-forgotten foe. Together the Hooligans must stand up and become the unlikely heroes.

This is a story for the underdogs, the battlers and downtrodden. At it's core, it's about family (albeit and quite often, a delinquent family!) who encourages and accepts every member for who they are, scars and all! Throughout their journey the Hooligans will be forced to overcome their fears and fight for what they really believe in.


The Team

L.A. KEIM | Writer/Art Director


BRIAN KERR | Co-Writer


RICCARDO FACCINI | Penciller & Inker

Riccardo Faccini is an Italian artist who has been heavily invested in comics and graphic novels his entire adult life! Since graduating from the Academy of Fine Art, he has created and collaborated with writers and publishers across the globe. Most recently working with COMICS2MOVIES on the successful Kickstarter campaign for Fractured Shards. His creative lifestyle and skills have recently put him on a path to study the fine art of tattooing.



 KIRSTY SWAN | Colorist

A professional colorist and artist for almost a decade, Kirsty thrives on her passion to work and create within different genres, always pushing herself into unfamiliar territory to constantly hone and improve her skills. Most recently providing colors to The Blood Queen, The Blood Queen Annual and Blood Queen VS Dracula series for DYNAMITE COMICS. Kirsty is also credited on the popular titles, The Green Hornet, Pantha, The Lady Rawhide/Miss Fury crossover just to name a few.



DARREN CLOSE | Letterer 

Darren has been around the Australian comics scene for over 20 years, best known for his iconic KILLEROO comic book series-having published over two dozen books and selling thousands of copies in several countries. He has also produced several autobiographical stories to critical acclaim, His Ledger Award-nominated STRUGGLE book was named best original Comics Books of 2015 by ComicOZ.

Roundhouse Hooligans Issue#1 and Issue#2 is out now, and we will return with Roundhouse Hooligans Issue#3 early 2023!

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