The Story

Roundhouse Hooligans is the flagship comic book series published by Free Fall Comics, featuring a captivating story by L.A Keim and co-written by Brian Kerr. The series is brought to life by a talented art team, including Riccardo Faccini on pencils and inks (known for their work on Fractured Shards and Roundhouse Hooligans), Kirsty Swan on colours (renowned for their work on Green Hornet and Blood Queen), and Darren Close on lettering (known for their work on Killeroo and Struggle). The team has poured their heart and soul into this project, resulting in a comic book series that is sure to be a thrilling and memorable read.



Roundhouse Hooligans is a gripping tale of action and drama that will take you on a wild ride. The story revolves around a group of outcast teenagers who have been abandoned by society and left to fend for themselves. Despite their troubled pasts, they find solace and purpose in their tight-knit group.

As the story unfolds, the Hooligans face a daunting threat that puts their own city and one of their own in danger. With no one else to turn to, they must band together and rise up to become unlikely heroes.

This comic is a celebration of the underdogs, the outcasts, and the misfits. It showcases the importance of family, even if it's a ragtag group of delinquents. Throughout their journey, the Hooligans must overcome their personal struggles and unite to fight for what they believe in. Get ready for a thrilling adventure full of heart, bravery, and unexpected twists.


The Team

L.A. KEIM | Writer/Art Director


BRIAN KERR | Co-Writer


RICCARDO FACCINI | Penciller & Inker

Riccardo Faccini, an Italian artist, has been passionately involved in the world of comics and graphic novels throughout his entire adulthood. After graduating from the Academy of Fine Art, he has collaborated with writers and publishers from all around the world.

One of his most recent collaborations was with COMICS2MOVIES on the successful Kickstarter campaign for Fractured Shards. His artistic abilities and creative lifestyle have led him to explore the fine art of tattooing, which he is currently studying.



 KIRSTY SWAN | Colorist

Kirsty Swan is a skilled artist and colorist who has been working professionally for almost ten years. She enjoys taking on new challenges and exploring various genres to continuously develop and refine her abilities. Her recent work includes providing vibrant colors for several comic series published by Dynamite Comics, such as The Blood Queen, The Blood Queen Annual, and Blood Queen VS Dracula. She has also contributed her talents to popular titles like The Green Hornet, Pantha, and The Lady Rawhide/Miss Fury crossover, among others.



DARREN CLOSE | Letterer 

With over 20 years of experience in the Australian comics scene, Darren is a well-known figure, having created the iconic KILLEROO comic book series. He has published over two dozen books and sold thousands of copies in multiple countries. Darren has also received critical acclaim for his autobiographical stories, including a Ledger Award nomination for his book STRUGGLE, which was named the best original Comics Books of 2015 by ComicOZ.

Roundhouse Hooligans Issue#1 and Issue#2 is out now, and we will return with Roundhouse Hooligans Issue#3 in 2023!

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