#3 Embracing Creative Freedom

#3 Embracing Creative Freedom

The Power of Creative Ownership: Why Creator-Owned Comics mean so much to us and what they are?

Here at Free Fall Comics, our passion extends beyond our own stories; we're equally passionate about providing a platform for other creators to share their narratives with the world. We've opened the door to a vibrant array of voices, allowing diverse stories to take flight and be embraced by the world.

This makes Free Fall Comics not just a home for Free Fall Comics originals, but also a platform for countless other stories to find their voice through us. It's a testament to the growth of our project library and the expansion of our company.


What Is A Creator Owned Series?

Creator-owned comics are a category of comic books where the creators themselves retain full ownership and creative control over the intellectual property they are producing. In essence, this means that the lead writers (creators), have the rights to their characters, stories, and concepts, as well as the freedom to dictate the creative direction and vision of the comic.  


Financial Involvement: Creators frequently invest their own resources into the production of creator-owned comics, covering expenses such as art, printing, and distribution (unless crowdfunding is used). They also directly benefit from the financial rewards generated by the comic's success. In our case, a modest percentage of sales is reinvested back into the company to support our ongoing success and allow us the ability to grow our platform and continue producing amazing projects.

Diverse and Original Content: Creator-owned comics frequently feature unique, diverse, and innovative storytelling because creators are not bound by the conventions or limitations imposed by larger publishers. If you have read Roundhouse Hooligans then you know we are all about standing out and taking risks, by featuring content that the larger mainstream studios may never dive into.

In a nutshell, creator-owned comics are a celebration of artistic freedom, diverse narratives, and individual creativity. They empower writers and artists to craft unique and innovative stories while ensuring that they have a direct stake in the success and future of their work.Free Fall Comics just acts as a platform for such content to be published through, and we at times walk them through the process of coming creating to make sure the best outcome is made and the book is to a high standard.

If you're eager to explore our creator-owned projects currently in production, click the links below. Both 'Gunpowder' and 'The Darkest Shade' are examples of the kind of projects we're passionate about. Each book boasts its own unique narrative that we're proud to bring to life.


Gunpowder (Kickstarter)



The Darkest Shade (Kickstarter)


Thank you for joining the Free Fall Comics community, and until next time, may your comic book adventures be nothing short of epic.

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