Join us and embark on the journey of Gunpowder, a post-apocalyptic saga that seamlessly blends the gritty action of stories like Mad Max with supernatural elements, including menacing demons and otherworldly themes.


The Darkest Shade promises an emotionally charged exploration of grief and the possibility of finding solace amidst unimaginable darkness. Prepare to be gripped by the relentless tension, evocative artwork, and thought-provoking themes that will make this series an unforgettable reading experience.

The Story

At its core, "The Darkest Shade" centers around the heart-wrenching tragedy of a 9-year-old girl's enigmatic demise. The story masterfully unravels the intricate web of emotions that envelops her bereaved parents, Sam and Jade, as well as those closest to them. It delves deep into the shared trauma, uncovering the hidden secrets, unresolved guilt, and profound loss that bind the characters together. As the narrative unfolds, readers will be immersed in a haunting world where redemption becomes an elusive beacon amidst the chilling forces that threaten to consume the protagonists.

The captivating story of "The Darkest Shade" is crafted by Australian filmmaker and award winning writer R.J Redl, with co-writing by L.A Keim (Roundhouse Hooligans) and Kim Shiel as Co-Creator.  

The stunning illustrations and inks are once again brought to life by the gifted artist Riccardo Faccinni (Roundhouse Hooligans, Fracturd Shards). With vibrant and cinamatic colors, expertly rendered by Kimberly Brum (Roundhouse Hooligans Issue#3,). Completing the immersive reading experience is M. Scott Russell who will lend his hand to lettering once again, ensuring that every word resonates with the intensity and emotion of the story. With cover art by the talented Erwin j. Arroza.


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Introducing R.J. Redl, the visionary behind "The Darkest Shade." With a meticulous eye for detail, a penchant for perfection, and a background in film, Redl introduces a unique perspective to the comic world that is certain to captivate audiences worldwide.


R.J. Redl


R.J. Redl is a visionary in the realms of film and now comics. Immersed in cinema, from Hollywood blockbusters to art-house gems, Russ has cultivated his craft since childhood. Amidst the challenges posed by the pandemic, his ambitious short film, "In the Pitch Black," stood as a testament to his talent and unwavering dedication to filmmaking.

A masterful writer, Russ breathes life into characters that deeply resonate with audiences. He translated his unique vision from the award-winning short film "In the Pitch Black" into a captivating graphic novel, "The Darkest Shade." Russ is a trailblazer in horror, pushing boundaries and unearthing secrets.


L.A Keim


With a rich background in film and storytelling, L.A Keim is deeply passionate about his craft.

He delights in sharing fresh and distinctive narratives with the world, captivating audiences with his unique vision. His stories, which sometimes venture into twisted and unconventional territories, have cultivated a dedicated cult following. L.A Keim's ability to captivate and engage readers with his imaginative storytelling sets him apart as a true visionary in the world of comics.


Riccardo Faccini


Riccardo Faccini returns to Free Fall Comics for his third collaboration, unveiling another storytelling masterpiece.  His artistic brilliance propelled the success of Roundhouse Hooligans and Gunpowder, showcasing his versatility across genres. With The Darkest Shade, Faccini demonstrates his seamless transition into cosmic horror.

Prepare to be amazed by his incredible talent once more.


Kimberly Brum


Kimberly Brum is a talented Brazilian comic book colorist known for her exceptional skill in storytelling through the clever use of color and light.  With a keen understanding of atmosphere and dynamic shapes, she brings life and depth to every panel she works on.

In her free time, Kimberly likes to watch animated TV shows, hit the gym, and go outside to plein air paint.


M. Scott Russell


During his childhood, M. Scott Russell was consumed by a love for drawing. He effortlessly conjured up an array of creations, ranging from fresh comic book characters to picturesque landscapes; a true aficionado of artistic expression. His profound joy lay in the act of creation itself. What intrigued him most were ventures that offered innovative perspectives – the art of transforming the old into the new.

Presently, those very passions continue to course through his veins. A co-founder of CryptoComics, M. Scott Russell adeptly juggles his responsibilities while also thriving as a freelancer. His repertoire encompasses diverse roles as a writer, inker, and letterer, occasionally even dabbling in captivating cover artwork – a quiet mastery that often eludes the casual observer.



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