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Our Story

Free Fall Comics is an Australian based independent comic company. Our sole purpose, listening to our audience, finding what the industry is lacking in & fill those gaps with ground breaking stories and characters!

We strive to create new, original and compelling stories & characters with real depth. We don’t shy from controversy or pushing the envelope, going where others have feared to go. In our first series "Roundhouse Hooligans", we have several very strong female protagonists. Neither of these stories had been created with a conscious decision to create a female lead, it simply came about as part of the creative process. The characters were born into the stories we created around them.

We aren’t just dissatisfied by the generic, cliché “superheroes” who currently flood the market, we are downright bored with it. Though this doesn’t mean we write controversy for the sake of it. All our topics serve a purpose for pushing the story forward, to develop character and story. Don’t worry, (it isn’t all serious business) we still like to have a lot of fun with our characters and the situations we place them in. This is, after all, fiction, fantasy, escapism for ourselves and our readers...you guys.


L.A Keim has always had a passion for film for as long as he can remember and it was this passion that over time eventually turned him towards storytelling. Growing up he dreamed of being a director and pursued film, animation, and special effects to gain more skills.

Realizing the majority of his screenplays would require a studio budget, he decided to turn his scripts into his second love, graphic novels and comic books. Using his directing background and skill in camera movement to show mood and emotion the transition worked better than he could have imagined.



Brian AKA Brizey is a “long time listener, first time caller” to the world of comics”. With a strong background in writing and a twisted sense of humour, a keen eye for detail, a love of storytelling and a passion for creating would eventually put him and L.A Keim on a collision path that would result in Free Fall Comics.



Our Mission Statement

Free Fall Comics is a company that promises to be different, in a world full of super heroes and retold stories we want to bring something new to the industry and to do so we will not have any copy and pasted retelling of stories that have been done in the past. Telling unique stories is our dream, and why we chose this industry as a way of telling such stories. We’ve studied what is already in the market, and we believe this has given us a good understanding of what people want to see and read.

Free Fall Comics is not only a comic book company but also a culture, a family and to do this right we believe that it is important to stand by a code of ethics that you as fans can hold us accountable for.

So this is our mission statement, out promise to you and we will do everything we can to stick by it and hope in return you can join us and enjoy what we bring to the industry moving forward.



Free Fall Comics is not here to take your money, the money is not why we are doing this and if it was, well it has not worked out as a money maker so far. Instead we are here to make you fans of the company and create a community that loves what we are doing. The success of this company will be largely based on our audience…you guys. This is why we must honour our fans (readers) and make sure to always put you first no matter what.

We would not be where we are now without you and the only way to grow within the industry is to always go out of our way to keep you happy.



We are not perfect in any way, we have and will make mistakes moving forward. Things will happen that may be out of our control and it will be up to us as owners of the company to do our best to fix the situation. This is why we choose to be up front, honest and transparent. We will always update you on problems within the company and the timeline to when they will be fixed.

Not only that, but we actually want to show you all what it takes to do what we do. We believe that if we are honest with you it makes you a part of the process and maybe even motivates you to chase your own dreams in life. We will not hide costs of the books (only costs of artists we hire) we will be fair and respect your questions. We only ask that you respect us in return, we want this to be a fun loving community, we want everyone to be happy and just enjoy great stories and the business of comics.



As creators it is our goal to produce content that you find of value and can remain invested in. It’s impossible to please everybody, but we hope there’s a character that you want to get to know or even relate to and worlds you want to come back to explore. We prefer quality over quantity which is why we will always find the best artists for the projects we create, we will not cut costs to make it cheaper or cut corners to do things faster.

We know the wait between our books may be longer than you would want but we can promise that every time a new book from us drops your jaw will drop at the same time. To prove this, our investment so far is up to $30,000..money that came out of our own pockets, something we would not have done if we did not believe in the company. What is already available from us just goes to show the standard of work we wish to produce. Every story will be something different, in its own way and as lovers of reading ourselves we would only want to read the best products available which is why we will only ever produce the best products possible.



Comics are all about entertainment, although we produce some dark content..sometimes content that may be hard to read, it does not change the fact that we are humans, we are creators and love what we do. We find creating worlds and characters so much fun, it is our life's purpose and we want to make you a part of the process and bring you along for the crazy ride.


Roundhouse Hooligans Issue#3 COMING OUT IN 2023!!

Help by supporting the next book in this epic Drama-Punk series. 

Products like this are not cheap, and with all new Issues we are going much bigger. Instead of the 40 page Issues you have been used to with Roundhouse Hooligans 1 & 2 we will now be putting out books that will be 60+ pages in length. This will give you more story to get lost in and more time to love or hate the amazing charactors with in the Roundhouse Hooligans world.

To put thins into perspective, a single Issue of this epic series can cost up to $9000+ to produce which all goes to the procuction of the book giving us nothing but the feeling of knowing we created something for the world to enjoy. Free Fall Comics is a passion project after all, we are not chasing money but instead doing what we love and what we believe we are good at. 

Which brings us here...

Roundhouse Hooligans Issue#3 is currently in production and in 2023 we will be going to Kickstarter once again to fund what is ever left and go to print. With your support we can get more done sooner leading up to the campagn, this means we will not have to ask for as much and have a better chance of making the amount needed to fund the rest of the book and get it into your hands sooner.

So why not become a part of the Roundhouse Hooligans legacy?


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