Join us and embark on the journey of Gunpowder, a post-apocalyptic saga that seamlessly blends the gritty action of stories like Mad Max with supernatural elements, including menacing demons and otherworldly themes.


Roundhouse Hooligans is the flagship comic book series published by Free Fall Comics, featuring a captivating story by L.A Keim and co-written by Brian Kerr. The series is brought to life by a talented art team, including Riccardo Faccini on pencils and inks (known for their work on Fractured Shards and Roundhouse Hooligans), Kirsty Swan on colours (renowned for their work on Green Hornet and Blood Queen), and Darren Close on lettering (known for their work on Killeroo and Struggle). The team has poured their heart and soul into this project, resulting in a comic book series that is sure to be a thrilling and memorable read.

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After escaping from a seemingly endless war, a disillusioned soldier seeks sanctuary in the town of Gunpowder, only to discover it's been overrun by demons. The darkness that plagues the town seems to have no end in sight, and as it threatens to spread beyond Gunpowder's borders it must be stopped before all of humanity is consumed by it.


Roundhouse Hooligans is an award winning gripping tale of action and drama that will take you on a wild ride. The story revolves around a group of outcast teenagers who have been abandoned by society and left to fend for themselves. Despite their troubled pasts, they find solace and purpose in their tight-knit group. As the story unfolds, the Hooligans face a daunting threat that puts their own city and one of their own in danger. With no one else to turn to, they must band together and rise up to become unlikely heroes.

This comic is a celebration of the underdogs, the outcasts, and the misfits. It showcases the importance of family, even if it's a ragtag group of delinquents. Throughout their journey, the Hooligans must overcome their personal struggles and unite to fight for what they believe in. Get ready for a thrilling adventure full of heart, bravery, and unexpected twists.


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Roundhouse Hooligans Issue#3

We are proud to announce that Issue#3 will be available on Kickstarter early 2024.


Introducing Damian Hussey, a multi-talented newcomer to the comic book industry and Free Fall Comics. As a cinematographer, writer, director, and now comic book creator, Damian brings a fresh perspective and creative energy to his work. Get ready to be captivated by his visionary storytelling.


L.A Keim


Experience the extraordinary and twisted storytelling of L.A Keim, fueled by a lifelong passion for film, animation, and special effects. With a childhood dream of becoming a film director, L.A Keim shifted gears to graphic novels and comics, showcasing his directing background through masterful comic scripts.

Already earning a prestigious award for his debut series Roundhouse Hooligans Issue#1 & 2. Brace yourself for a wild journey into L.A Keim's mind, where boundless creativity and storytelling prowess will leave you spellbound and craving for more.


Brian Kerr


Brian, also known as Brizey, is a self-proclaimed "long time listener, first time caller" to the world of comics. With a background in writing and a dark wicked sense of humor, he possesses a keen eye for detail, a love of storytelling, and a passion for creating.

It was this combination of skills and interests that led him on a collision course with L.A Keim, resulting in the birth of Free Fall Comics.


Riccardo Faccini


Riccardo Faccini, an Italian artist, has dedicated his adult life to the world of comics and graphic novels. After graduating from the Academy of Fine Art, he has worked with writers and publishers worldwide, showcasing his exceptional skills and unique style. He recently collaborated with Darkhorse comics on Star Wars Hyperspace story and in the award winning series Fractured Shards.

With his exceptional talent and unique style, he is set to bring his creative vision to other genres, and fans can look forward to seeing more of his amazing work in the near future on other projects from the Free Fall Comics company.


Kimberly brum


Kimberly Brum is a talented Brazilian comic book colorist known for her exceptional skill in storytelling through the clever use of color and light.

With a keen understanding of atmosphere and dynamic shapes, she brings life and depth to every panel she works on. In her free time, Kimberly likes to watch animated TV shows, hit the gym, and go outside to plein air paint.


M. Scott Russell


During his childhood, M. Scott Russell was consumed by a love for drawing. He effortlessly conjured up an array of creations, ranging from fresh comic book characters to picturesque landscapes; a true aficionado of artistic expression. His profound joy lay in the act of creation itself. What intrigued him most were ventures that offered innovative perspectives – the art of transforming the old into the new. Presently, those very passions continue to course through his veins. A co-founder of CryptoComics, M. Scott Russell adeptly juggles his responsibilities while also thriving as a freelancer. His repertoire encompasses diverse roles as a writer, inker, and letterer, occasionally even dabbling in captivating cover artwork – a quiet mastery that often eludes the casual observer.


Kirsty Swan

COLOURIST (Issue#1-2)

With nearly a decade of experience as a professional colorist and artist, Kirsty's unwavering passion drives her to excel in various genres, constantly seeking out uncharted territories to refine and enhance her skills. Notably, she has contributed her exceptional coloring expertise to renowned titles such as The Blood Queen, The Blood Queen Annual, and Blood Queen VS Dracula series for DYNAMITE COMICS, showcasing her talent in breathing life into these captivating stories.

Kirsty's impressive portfolio also includes acclaimed works on The Green Hornet, Pantha, and The Lady Rawhide/Miss Fury crossover, among other popular titles. Her contributions to the industry have solidified her reputation as a versatile and highly skilled artist, elevating the visual storytelling experience for readers worldwide.


Darren Close

LETTERER (Issue#1-2)

For over two decades, Darren has been a prominent figure in the Australian comics industry. He is most recognized for his legendary KILLEROO comic book series, having authored more than two dozen books and sold thousands of copies across multiple countries.

In addition to his fictional work, he has produced numerous critically acclaimed autobiographical stories. His book STRUGGLE, which was nominated for the Ledger Award, was hailed as the best original comic book of 2015 by ComicOZ.