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Roundhouse Hooligans Issue#2 (Digital)

Roundhouse Hooligans Issue#2 (Digital)

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Roundhouse Hooligans Issue#2 Digital

Roundhouse Hooligans is the first comic book series published by Free Fall Comics. Story by L.A Keim alongside Brian Kerr as Co-Writer, with a talented art team featuring Pencils/Inks by Riccardo Faccini (Fractured Shards, Roundhouse Hooligans),  Colours by Kirsty Swan (Green Hornet, Blood Queen), and lettering by Darren Close (Killeroo, Struggle). 

Roundhouse Hooligans is an action/drama following a group of orphaned, misfit teens who have been cast out and forgotten by society. Together they are trying to find purpose in a world they feel so disconnected from. 

This is a story for the underdogs, the battlers and downtrodden. At it's core, it's about family (albeit and quite often, a delinquent family!) who encourages and accepts every member for who they are, scars and all! Throughout their journey the Hooligans will be forced to overcome their fears and fight for what they really believe in. 



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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Daniel Newman
Bring on issue 3

I'm absolutely loving this story. The art is vibrant and punchy, the story is exciting, interesting and compelling. I am very much looking forward to completing this story.

Waiting on the third issue

I got the bundle and read them both so quickly. The story line is compelling and hooks you in quickly. The artwork is phenomenal. Very excited to see where this series goes.

Aisha Cole
Can't wait for Issue#3

I'm on the edge of my seat waiting to know what happens next!

Lucas Keim

Love this book!

Natalia Porcel
Easy to get addicted to it.

The story is very catchy. I was super keen to read the second, after I read the first. Once you start, you will probably not gonna want to finish, you will HAVE to read all issues to discover the entire story. Totally worth it. Well gone guys! ♥