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Roundhouse Hooligans Issue#3 COMING OUT IN 2023!!

Help by supporting the next book in this epic Drama-Punk series. 

Products like this are not cheap, and with all new Issues we are going much bigger. Instead of the 40 page Issues you have been used to with Roundhouse Hooligans 1 & 2 we will now be putting out books that will be 60+ pages in length. This will give you more story to get lost in and more time to love or hate the amazing charactors with in the Roundhouse Hooligans world.

To put thins into perspective, a single Issue of this epic series can cost up to $9000+ to produce which all goes to the procuction of the book giving us nothing but the feeling of knowing we created something for the world to enjoy. Free Fall Comics is a passion project after all, we are not chasing money but instead doing what we love and what we believe we are good at. 

Which brings us here...

Roundhouse Hooligans Issue#3 is currently in production and in 2023 we will be going to Kickstarter once again to fund what is ever left and go to print. With your support we can get more done sooner leading up to the campagn, this means we will not have to ask for as much and have a better chance of making the amount needed to fund the rest of the book and get it into your hands sooner.

So why not become a part of the Roundhouse Hooligans legacy?


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